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Enjoy Free Delivery on Orders Over £25! Shop Now and Elevate Your Space with Black Swan Candles!
Enjoy Free Delivery on Orders Over £25! Shop Now and Elevate Your Space with Black Swan Candles!

Born out of necessity. This is our story.

We are Ion and Mariana, husband and wife.


Our story begins in early 2020, when Mariana bought a few wax melts over the Internet to lighten up the atmosphere in our home after we would return from work.



Yet, no matter how many wax melts or candles we would buy, they would either last only 2-3 hours or sputter the whole burner, hence needed to keep a close eye on them and on our two children who could get harmed. Also, not to mention the harmful effects of nasties inside paraffin waxes, which can cause respiratory problems once inhaled - an issue that many of us may not be aware of.



Therefore, we decided to develop our own wax melts. The start was a bit discouraging, to say the least, because we didn’t find the right wax for our delicate molds right away. Only after a month of testing out different types of waxes from several UK suppliers, we did arrive at a prototype that filled the room with a pleasant fragrance and had the shape we loved.



We offered free samples to our relatives and friends, who were soon asking for more. We received positive feedback and started to produce the products. That’s how Black Swan Candles was born.



Our main reason for creating Black Swan Candles is to offer bespoke, home scented, high-quality fragrance products; fragrance products that make you feel cosy and content with yourself and your environment. Like at home.



To achieve the high-quality products, we use 100% high grade soy wax from pure soybeans, vegan and cruelty-free. 
Each individual wax melt and candle is hand poured with care, blended with premium fragrance & essential oils to guarantee a long lasting, sputtering-free burn. Even the fragrances’ levels are beyond the industry standards, to delight your olfactory senses to the fullest.



We also take our time and produce everything by hand, in small batches. Thus, ensuring a high-quality control and meticulous attention to details. In contrast to the big brands which employ mass production and promote consumerism.
Ultimately, we want to create luxury, home fragrance products that both us and our customers love to have and use. Products that instill a home-like intimacy, wherever you might be.



Feel free to use the wax melts, candles, and diffusers as a soothing remedy after a long day. 
Black Swan - a gift for the loved ones, or even a home decor artifact after they’ve been consumed.



Choose Black Swan. Enjoy being at home!